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"Astro-Cat" is actually the title character of the book "Space Cat", written by Ruthven Todd and Illustrated by Paul Galdone. The images of "Astro-Cat" on this site are touched-up scans of Paul Galdone's drawings from the original book, with the exception of what appears to be a simple line drawing of a "Space Cat" head, which is a character from the Isotope font, as mentioned below. The book was first published by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1952, and is 1952 by Ruthven Todd.

The font used for the link titles on this page, including the line drawings of a rocket, a ringed planet, and what appears to be the head of a "Space Cat", is "Isotope", drawn by Coco The Electronic Monkey Wizard, and converted into a font by Chank. The font used for the other titles was called "Cherry Bomb" on the font compilation disc on which I found it, but I strongly suspect this is not the correct original name of the font.

This page is intended as "fan" or "tribute" page and is not intended as a substitute for the program, any official web pages or any official merchandise or event. This page is not created or operated for profit of any kind other than the prestige of having created a really cool ASR3K page.

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