A Small Sample of the Astro-list

WARNING: these are exerpts from my own raw and incomplete archives of mail I have received from the Man or Astro-man? mailing list. I did some rough filtering and organizing based on content of the "from" and "subject" fields, and I cannot guarantee that all of these mails are interesting or particularly relevant.

The complete and official archives are at The Astro-List Home Page, maintained by Grant Porter. That is where you will also find other neat stuff, like the Astro-listmember Photo Gallery. (2021 Note: Does anyone have a copy of any of the original page content, especially the member photo gallery? Grantbob?)

The only thing my page has over Grant's is that I've made an attempt to pre-filter and categorize some of the archive so that you might not have to look through quite as much stuff to get to the interesting stuff, plus I wanted to showcase my own posts on my own site out of sheer egotism.

Posts by Coco and other "official" sources

Posts by Mookie (That's me)

Original Farewell post by Starcrunch, plus reaction and follow-ups

Found/added 2021: posts in a directory labeled "Other"