Barenaked Ladies Autographed Artifacts

Ticket to 1996 BNL concert at LaLuna

My ticket to the BNL show

This was without doubt the funnest and funniest show I have ever attended. They don't RAWK like Man or ASTRO-man?, but they have clever and often moving songwriting and a nifty knack for improvisation.

Outside of Yellow Tape J-Card

Outside of Yellow Tape J-card

This original 1991 Yellow Tape J-card was autographed after the 1996 appearance of the Barenaked Ladies at LaLuna in Portland OR. On the front are Jim Creeggan, Steven Page and Ed Robertson.

Inside of Yellow Tape J-Card

Inside of Yellow Tape J-card

The inside is signed by Tyler Stewart.

Autographed Mac-N-Cheeze Box

Autographed Mac-N-Cheeze Box

I picked this Mac-N-Cheeze box (not the official Kraft Dinner preferred by the Ladies) from the floor of LaLuna after the show and then met the band out back and got it autographed by Tyler Stewart, Steve Page, Ed Robertson and Jim Creeggan.

I currenty can only use a greyscale scanner, so this is my scary Warhol-esque colorization. No, I do not consider "Warhol-esque" to be self-agrandization. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Autographed Sleeve of Creeggan Brothers CD

Autographed Sleeve of Creeggan Brothers CD

Jim Creeggan signed this. I have no idea what he means by "Diggin the Digs".

My wife and I discovered BNL by accident while visiting friends and relatives in British Columbia. The classic Yellow Tape had just arrived in the record store I was browsing, so they played it in the store. I was immediately taken with "Be My Yoko Ono" and "Brian Wilson". The lyrics were so serious and so funny at the same time. No other band walks that tightrope better than BNL. I bought the tape and was heading out to the car to hear the rest before they got through the second song.

Amazingly, the original tape is still in playable condition after hundreds of times through car stereos. It seemed like forever before BNL CDs started appearing in the United States. Of course, we have all of them, and are currently fighting over possession of the live album and "Born on a Pirate Ship". Highly reccommended is the "Shoebox" EP, which has considerably more multimedia content than the other BNL Enhanced CDs, including tidbits of pretty much every song released to date, lyrics, live video, etc.

The background image is a cropped and colorized scan of a photocopy of uncooked kraft dinner.

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